Product Highlight: Catalytic Module Servo-Drive Rigid Mast Manipulator

Our latest custom solution was built in response to a diesel engine manufacturer that needed to handle 300-lb exhaust components during the assembly and production phases.

Cynergy Ergonomics Receives Patent for High Speed Tire Handling Tooling Design

Cynergy developed ID and OD tooling designs to move tires between carts, conveyors and presses during the manufacturing process.
custom vacuum cup lifting solution

Product Highlight: Unique Vacuum Lifting System for F-35 Fighter Maintenance

One of our most recent, and interesting, custom lifting device projects was in response to a unique and unusual request from a customer that involved F-35 Fighter Jets.

Cynergy Ergonomics Receives Goodyear Tires Award Nomination for Reducing Ergonomic Hazard for Work Away Handling

Cynergy Ergonomics was recently named an award nominee by Goodyear Tires for their 2019 Best Ergonomic Improvement award.

Product Highlight: Container Loading System – Bearing Cups

Many of our clients here at Cynergy Ergonomics run into the same application need. How can they move heavy parts in and out of containers in a safe, ergonomic and effective manner?

Product Highlight: Tractor Wheel Manipulator/Handler

One of our latest custom ergonomic industrial manipulator solutions was built in response to a request that came in from a customer that manufactures the wheel assemblies on heavy earth moving and agricultural machinery.

Vacuum Lifter Featured in Material Handling Product News

Material Handling Product News, a special supplement to Modern Materials Handling, recently featured a vacuum lifter by Cynergy Ergonomics in its August 2018 edition.

Product Highlight: Multiple Pail Lifter/Palletizer

The custom ergonomic lift assist systems built by Cynergy Ergonomics help companies minimize the number of work-related injuries that occur when working with heavy materials.

Product Highlight: Electric Tooling Solution – An Integration of Gorbel G-Force® and Cynergy Ergonomics

The custom ergonomic lift assist systems built by Cynergy Ergonomics sometimes require the use and integration of Gorbel ergonomic lifting products.

Product Highlight: Battery Plate Manipulator Lift and Pitch System

Recently, we had a customer come to us with a specific request that would require a custom ergonomic lifting device solution, as many of our lifting and lift assist solutions turn out to be.

Cynergy Ergonomics Featured In Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD) Magazine!

We're pleased to pleased to announce that Cynergy Ergonomics was recently featured in the March, 2013 edition of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD) magazine.

Roll Handling Manipulators 101: What You Should Know

Here's a scenario to consider: a large, 150-250 pound roll of industrial paper arrives at your workplace and now you're faced with the task of trying to move it.
Steering Gear Assembly Manipulator Arm

Steering Gear Manipulator for Dunnage Loading

A tier 1 manufacturer of steering gear assemblies needed to pick the 65 lb parts from the assembly table and load them into the dunnage rack for shipment.

Rigid Mast Multiple Roll Handling Manipulator

Cynergy designed a free standing work cell crane system utilizing a rigid mast manipulator with gripper end tooling designed to continuously rotate 360°.