Gorbel G-Force – Intelligent Lift Assist Devices for Fast, Safe, Ergonomic Material Handling

The Gorbel G-Force™ and Gorbel Easy Arm™ enable operators to handle products in processes that traditional hoists/balancers or automated robotic systems cannot perform. Operators can lift and maneuver loads naturally, as if the devices were an extension of the operators arm, and provide a combination of pinpoint precision, high speed and versatility that robotic arms, hoists and air balancers cannot match.  

The G-Force™ Intelligent Lifting Device uses patented technology, combining the servo-drive motor with industrial processor control and load sensing feedback. Operators get an intuitive response, being able to manipulate loads based on hand controlled inputs. High end control features include float (zero-gravity), virtual elevation limits, anti-drop load release protection and high-speed automated attach/release features.

The Easy Arm™ Intelligent Lifting Arm incorporates the G-Force into an articulating arm design. This is used with below-the-hook end tooling and provides an excellent platform for rigid mast manipulators. In the rigid mast manipulator design, all the G-Force features are utilized in a cantilevered or reach-out configuration giving operators precision, control, speed and safety unavailable with conventional pneumatic manipulator systems.

The G-Force is available in two platforms: the Q2 and expanded i/o iQ2 platform. Both models are available in 165# through 1,320# capacities and feature various control modes (force sensing handles, remote pendant, slide handle)

New Ergonomic Lifting Study: A new ergonomic lifting study shows that the G-Force™ outperforms other lifting devices in both high cycle and precision placement applications.

Cynergy Ergonomics is an Authorized Gorbel G-Force Certified Service Center and Preferred Tooling Integrator.