Custom Ergonomic Lifting Devices and Lift Assists

Lifting Devices, Lift Assists and Lifting Systems for Unique Lifting Applications

Custom tooling incorporates vacuum, powered gripping, rigid fixturing and magnets to clamp, pitch, tilt, rotate and perform other functions to properly orient your products for handling on line loading/unloading, assembly, machine loading/unloading, packaging or palletizing, etc.

Custom industrial ergonomic lifters, lifting devices and part handling lift assists are typically integrated with ergonomic cranes and special lift assist hoists or electric zero-gravity balancers such as the G-Force to create quick, safe and easy to maneuver manual ergonomic pick and place handling systems.

Tasks that requires “reach in” or “reach under” movements, where there is an overhead obstruction or enclosure, or for offset payloads are well suited for an industrial manipulator integrated into and articulating arm or nested trolley. Learn more about our industrial manipulator arms solutions.

For examples of custom lifting device solutions from Cynergy,  please visit our VIDEO page.