Ergonomic Vacuum Tube Lifters

Vacuum tube lifters are a unique product especially well-suited for certain material handling requirements such as bag handling and cardboard carton lifting.  They are also widely used for panel machine loading and other high speed material handling transfer applications.

Principle of operation

The load is gripped and lifted with vacuum – there is no need for a separate device to lift the load. The operator controls the vacuum with a lever controlled valve on the operator handle. Increasing the vacuum draws air out of the tube and the load is lifted. Reducing the vacuum allows air to enter the tube and the load is lowered. Lifting speeds of over 100 feet per minute can be achieved!


With all of our lifting solutions, we pay great attention to safety. The quick-acting non-return valve, ergonomic design and the large-area suction pad prevent the load from being dropped inadvertently – even if the power fails.