Cynergy Ergonomics Featured In Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD) Magazine!

We’re pleased to pleased to announce that Cynergy Ergonomics was recently featured in the March, 2013 edition of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD) magazine. The highly reputable magazine company published a brief overview of Cynergy Ergonomics, highlighting our world-class ergonomic and heavy lift equipment.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD) magazine is a publication filled with tech news regarding the aerospace manufacturing industry. The monthly magazine features new and upcoming manufacturing equipment, design parameters, inspection tips, and the assembly of aerospace components. In addition to covering the manufacturing process, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine also breaks down some of the key features and capabilities of various aircraft.

The March, 2013 edition featured a short summary of Cynergy Ergonomics and how our equipment is used in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

“Specializing in ergonomic workstations and material handling equipment such as lifts, articulating arm manipulators, sheet, panel and roll lifters, Cynergy Ergonomics also offers vacuum tube lifting, roll manipulators and materail handling equipment. Additional specialties are lifting device design, lift-assist system designs, material handling vertical lifts, manual ergonomic pick-and-place systems, and workstation imporvements for manufacturing, assembly, production, and distruction centers that currently use human power for material handling.”

AMD magazine also talks about the PLC controlled system offered at Cynergy Ergonomics. This incredibly powerful push-button vacuum system allows a single user to lift and adjust aerospace components into the desired location. But what really makes Cynergy Ergonomics’ PLC controlled system stand out from the rest is its built-in redundant safety features. In the event of a power loss or electrical surge, the PLC controlled system will continue to hold the item or equipment in place rather than dropping it. This is a huge benefit that ultimately results in a safer work environment.

Visit this link to see the fuselage panel lift operator in action.

Numerous aerospace manufacturing companies place their trust into the ergonomic and heavy lifting equipment of Cynergy Ergonomics. Equipment such as the PLC controlled system not only make the process of lifting heavy aerospace parts and fuselage panels a breeze, but it’s also safer due to the built-in redundant safety features. Of course, dozens of other types of factories, assembly lines and manufacturing work environments rely on Cynergy Ergonomics’ heavy lift equipment as well.

You can learn more about Aerospace Design and Manufacturing magazine by visiting the company’s official website here. It’s loaded with tons of useful information and helpful tools for aerospace manufacturing professionals.