Roll Handling Manipulators 101: What You Should Know

Here’s a scenario to consider: a large, 150-250 pound roll of industrial paper arrives at your workplace and now you’re faced with the task of trying to move it. With an extra set of hands, manually moving a roll such as this shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, constantly bending down to pick up a heavy roll of paper each and every time you need to move it is both labor-intensive and time-consuming, which is where manipulators for lifting come into play.

Benefits of Using a Portable Roll Lift Machine

Roll handling manipulators are designed to move and maneuver large rolls of film, paper or other materials in a fast and effective manner. Here’s a list of some of the top benefits associated with them:

  • Requires just a single user to operate.
  • Improves work productivity.
  • Reduces the chance of work-related injury from employees manually picking up and moving heavy rolls.
  • Industrial paper and film rolls typically feature an awkward shape, making it difficult for a single worker to pick up.
  • Raise, lower and change from vertical to horizontal – or vise-versa – by operating the controls.
  • Doesn’t require any bending at the back; all operations are controlled from a standing position.

Choosing The Right Ergonomic Roll Lifter For Your Needs

There are a couple of specifications you should consider when shopping for a roll handling manipulator, one of which is weight limit. The Electric Expand-O-Turn Roll Lift has a 300-pound roll capacity, while the Squeeze-O-Turn and Dual Squeeze Mast Roll Lift are slightly more powerful with a 350-pound roll capacity.

Maximum roll width is another specification that’s worth noting. If you are skeptical whether or not a roll lift will hold your large rolls, check the width measurement. As long as it falls under the manipulator’s maximum roll width, it can effectively pick up and move it without any problems.

You can purchase a telescopic attachment to use with certain types of material handling manipulators, such as the Expand-O-Turn. Once attached, it provides greater stabilization around the outer wraps.

Video: Cynergy Ergonomics’ Portable Roll Lifter