Servo Drive Lifters - Transfer to Conveyor

Product Highlight: Servo-Drive Lifters for Server Distribution

Distribution of industrial servers requires careful handling when receiving, sorting and installation into the storage racks.

Servo-drive lifters were an ideal solution for handling the servers from the receiving box and setting onto the in-feed conveyor. The tooling was designed in conjunction with custom conveyor inserts using reliefs for the gripper pads; the lifter speed and precision allows operators to keep up with the line rate while handling the servers without any damage.

Watch a video about our Servo-Drive Lifters and the Transfer to Conveyor Process.

When building the storage racks, these lifters are integrated into rigid mast manipulators allowing the operators to load the racks from floor elevation to the top shelf. The force sensing handle allows the operators to easily reach the top and bottom elevations.

Watch a video about our Servo-Drive Lifters and the Rack Loading Process.