Product Highlight: Electric Tooling Solution – An Integration of Gorbel G-Force® and Cynergy Ergonomics

The custom ergonomic lift assist systems built by Cynergy Ergonomics sometimes require the use and integration of Gorbel ergonomic lifting products. The Gorbel G-Force™ is part of a family of material handling equipment known as Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD’s) that uses patented technology and an industrial processor controlled drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed.

A recent customer application required gripping and lifting 90-pound catalytic converters from a conveyor and setting them into various sized cardboard cartons at floor level. Once the convertors were set inside the cartons, upon release, the gripper jaws needed to stop travelling as soon as they made contact with the sides of the cardboard cartons. To make this possible, electric actuators are used with force feedback logic. However, up to this point electric tooling has always been problematic for integration onto G-Force™ applications due to the fact that the power required for electric actuators tooling cannot be transmitted through the G-Force™ suspension swivel, the G360™. The engineers at Cynergy Ergonomics quickly went to work and custom-designed a lift system that could carry out the task. The solution? The development of a custom, high-amperage slip ring designed to adapt to a G-Force™ G360™ support swivel giving the electronic tooling continuous 360 degree rotation capabilities. Full electric tooling solutions can now be provided in applications where pneumatic power tooling is not practical or feasible.

Watch a video about the integrated solution from G-Force™ and Cynergy Ergonomics:

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