Product Highlight: Multiple Pail Lifter/Palletizer

The custom ergonomic lift assist systems built by Cynergy Ergonomics help companies minimize the number of work-related injuries that occur when working with heavy materials. The multiple pail lifter/palletizer lift assist system, a recent system solution engineered by Cynergy Ergonomics, is no exception.

In this recent application, our customer was manually handling 45-pound pails, lifting them from a conveyor and setting them on a pallet in a 3×3 array. The process was continuous over an eight-hour shift and became a source of chronic reportable injuries. They looked to Cynergy Ergonomics for an answer.

Our solution was to provide a simple, mechanical, lift assist tool that allows the operator to pick up and palletize three pails at a time with zero strain or effort. The tool is mated to a high-speed, variable-frequency controlled hoist, giving the operator smooth control of the load. The result: Both improved operator safety and increased productivity.

Watch a video about our Multiple Pail Lifter/Palletizer.

Cynergy Ergonomics specializes in industrial ergonomics including gripping, vacuum lifting and material handling devices that are designed for a variety of hard-to-handle payloads and materials. Let Cynergy Ergonomics build the custom ergonomic lifting device to meet your unique needs.