Vacuum Lifter Featured in Material Handling Product News

Material Handling Product News, a special supplement to Modern Materials Handling, recently featured a vacuum lifter by Cynergy Ergonomics in its August 2018 edition.

The highlighted vacuum lifting equipment is a purpose-designed vacuum lifter which speeds up product loading into shipping cartons by allowing an operator to simultaneously lift and position 5 boxes, then place the 30-pound load into a final shipping carton. What product does it load you ask? Tootsie Pops!

The ergonomic custom-designed solution from Cynergy Ergonomics is powered by compressed air and uses oval vacuum cups on the lifter. The smart and efficient design allows the lifter to maintain productivity all day while reducing the amount of physical exertion needed.

Read the online version of Material Handling Product News’ feature on Cynergy’s Vacuum Lifter here.

Cynergy Ergonomics specializes in industrial ergonomics including roll handling, manipulator arms and mobile lifting devices that are designed for a variety of hard-to-handle payloads and materials. Let Cynergy Ergonomics build the custom ergonomic lifting device to meet your unique needs.