Product Highlight: Tractor Wheel Manipulator/Handler

One of our latest custom ergonomic industrial manipulator solutions was built in response to a request that came in from a customer that manufactures the wheel assemblies on heavy earth moving and agricultural machinery. The challenge: Design a lifting system to help lift and handle these heavy and bulky assemblies during the manufacturing process.

With complete safety and efficiency in mind, our engineers came up with the perfect ergonomic industrial manipulator solution to meet the need.

  • To assist the operators in the shipping area, a system was designed to pick up the wheel assemblies by the boar and stack them on a pallet up to 84 inches high.
  • The tooling probes the center of the wheel and grips the hub with non-marring gripper pads. (This tool has interchangeable arms for three-inch and six-inch diameter hubs.)
  • An extended counter balanced handle allows the operator to pick from ground elevation and stack the wheel assemblies to the required elevation on the pallet.
  • This particular system was designed to handle 500 lb wheel assemblies. Similar systems can be designed to handle much heavier weight if needed.

Watch a video about our Custom Tractor Wheel Manipulator/Handler.

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