Product Highlight: Unique Vacuum Lifting System for F-35 Fighter Maintenance

One of our most recent, and interesting, custom lifting device projects was in response to a unique and unusual request from a customer.

The customer, a DOD (Department of Defense) contractor, held a maintenance contract on several F-35 fighter jets. During maintenance checks, they need to periodically pull the vertical tail control surfaces toward each other with a force of 1,250 lbs and measure the deflection to check for structural integrity over the lifespan of the aircraft. Faced with this unique challenge, Cynergy Ergonomics’ engineers went to work to come up with the right solution.

The customer had very specific requirements regarding size, shape and placement of the internal cleats where it contacts the aircraft surface. The equipment also needed to be very light so a single technician could locate and activate it. Keeping safety and efficiency in mind, we designed a custom vacuum cup lifting solution that allowed our customer to accomplish the task at hand.

The pictures you see below include product shots of the final custom-built system, a 2,200 lb load test that was conducted and the contact points located on the F-35.

Another successful and innovative solution from the Cynergy Ergonomics team. Contact Cynergy Ergonomics today for a complete range of industrial ergonomic articulating arms and manipulators, lift assist devices, roll handling, mobile lifters and other special ergonomic lifters to meet a wide variety of requirements.