Cynergy Ergonomics Receives Goodyear Tires Award Nomination for Reducing Ergonomic Hazard for Work Away Handling

Cynergy Ergonomics was recently named an award nominee by Goodyear Tires for their 2019 Best Ergonomic Improvement award. The nomination was given to Cynergy based on an ergonomic material handling solution that was designed, developed and installed by the Cynergy team.

Cynergy was first approached about the existing process which included a weighing conveyor where work away was being handled manually. This setup was placing workers in an environment with multiple ergonomic hazards such as bending, pulling, loosening, lifting, carrying and lowering. Before the installation and implementation of Cynergy’s design, the Brief and Best Survey Risk Score was high due to manual handling of rubber hump.

Cynergy engineers brainstormed with members of the Goodyear team to eliminate the ergonomic hazards in place and came up with an innovative solution that would give operating personnel safe handling control during the process. A hump rubber lifter was installed to handle the work away which eliminated the need for operating personnel to bend, pull, loosen, lift, carry and lower materials like before.

After the installation and implementation of Cynergy’s ergonomic solution, the revised Brief and Best Survey Risk Score was substantially lowered: due to the addition of the rubber hump lifter, the score was reduced by 76%!

Yet another innovative and ergonomic solution from Cynergy Ergonomics that we can be proud of. Thanks to Goodyear Tires for allowing us to work on this project and a big thanks for the acknowledgement of all our hard work.

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