Burn Table/Plate Handling

A high speed servo drive, PLC controlled lifter incorporated with magnet based, pneumatically controlled end tooling is utilized to quickly and safely "sweep" the table - allowing the operators to lift and stack plates effortlessly.

Telescopic Mast Core Probe Roll Manipulator

Cynergy Ergonomics provides roll handling systems designed to pick the roll via the core in either the horizontal or vertical orientation and rotate 90 degrees. With the telescopic mast, the operator can travel over other palletized rolls or other obstructions.

Pallet Handling Vacuum Lift Assist

A vacuum lifter was installed into the work cell with adjustable cup end-tooling. This system provides for quick adjustment of cup spacing, allowing the operator to lift and stack the full range of pallets that are manufactured.

Diesel Exhaust System Manipulator

A combination of pneumatic gripper tooling integrated with servo-drive articulating arm lifters meet the requirements of handling and manipulating the exhaust assemblies throughout the manufacturing process.

Welded Fabrications-Stress Relief Oven Manipulator Arm

Cynergy designed a free standing work cell crane system utilizing a rigid mast manipulator with gripper end tooling designed to pitch 90°.

Flat Screen LCD Manipulator for Slot Machine Assembly

We coupled our PLC controlled, servo-drive lifter with vacuum based, pneumatically powered end tooling to provide the functions needed by the operators for panel installation.

Manual Roll Handling Carts with Powered Lift and Pitch for Label Handling

Our battery operated mobile roll lifters are provided which probes the core of the roll while in the core-vertical position, raises and rotates the load and is controlled via an operator hand controller.

Cross Frame Handling Chassis Assembly

A high speed servo drive, PLC controlled lifter incorporated with magnet-based, pneumatically controlled end tooling was installed into the work cell. The design enables the operators to pick from all layers of all dunnage racks and set into the weld fixture without bending, reaching or lifting the load.

Artillery Shell Manipulator

The all-pneumatic lifters are designed to be suspended from the existing hoist units. Due to the sensitive nature of the product, the lifters incorporate several safety features including a failsafe holding system in the event of power (compressed air) loss and a load cell release interlock (preventing the gripper jaws from opening until the shell had been placed in the appropriate cradle).

Pharmaceutical Drum Dispensing, Lifting, Handling

Mobile, battery operated drum handling devices were provided designed to grasp individual drums, raise above hopper height and rotate, dispensing caplets as required into the individual hoppers.

Control Enclosure Assembly

Cynergy designed a lightweight, vacuum-based end tool coupled with a servo-drive lifter to lift and manipulate the various components. The servo-drive lifter provides high-speed maneuvering when desired as well as very slow, precise speed control when needed. In addition, “float mode” zero-gravity control was added to allow the operator to align the large, awkward load into position.

Refractory Handling/Fireplace Construction

A rigid mast system with custom lifting head was designed to lift and electrically manipulate the panels to the proper orientation. The cantilevered tooling provided the necessary reach-in capabilities so as to allow the operators to effortlessly manipulate the panels and maneuver them to the sides and rear of the boxes.

Distribution Center Manipulators

Rigid mast telescoping manipulators were provided through the center aisles between left hand and right hand pallet racks/feeder conveyors. The all-electric manipulators are extremely light and maneuverable allowing the operators to grab products of various sizes, weights, and construction, transfer them to a shipping pallet and build the regional order.

Engine Block Handling Lift Assist for Inspection on Machining Line

The problem was addressed by supplying a pneumatically operated below-the-hook tool designed to pick up the blocks from the conveyor, power rotate 180˚ and set on the inspection bench. This device also provided the added benefit of providing the operators with means of dumping the machine oil from the cylinder bores over a specified catch basin (which was previously being spilled on the test stand and operators).

Panel / Sheet Lifters Turning Cooler Counter Tops Lifting for Inspection and Assembly

A vacuum handling system was provided with a simple jib crane and hoist system. The panel lifters are designed to lift and pitch the panel, sheet or sheet metal to any desired position up to 180˚.

Aluminum Wheel Handling Manipulator

A high-speed, servo drive PLC controlled lifter was fitted with a custom, pneumatically operated probe-style tool. This device allows the operators to pick, move and place the wheels as quickly as if doing them by hand.

Tire Handling Manipulator

Cynergy designed a high speed lift assist system to easily retrofit and replace the balancer systems.  The pneumatic lifter provides the same high-speed control; however, the safety problems inherent with balancers have been eliminated.

CNC Machine Loading

Depending upon the type of product being handled in the machine center (round stock, rectangular billet, etc.), a variety of custom tools are used for handling the parts. These tools are coupled with our servo-drive, plc controlled lifter; combined with “float mode” the operators are given ultimate control of the part — very high speeds when desired, very slow speeds when desired, and the zero-gravity, levitating capabilities of float mode.