Tire Handling Manipulator


Tire manufacturers historically have used pneumatic air balancers for assisting operators during the manufacturing process. While providing fast raise/lower control, use of pneumatic balancers requires caution due to the inherent erratic control features and the “sling shot” effect that happens when a load is removed inadvertently (or intentionally) while in the air. This has led to a situation where all the pneumatic balancer based lift assist devices have been left idle and operators have gone back to handling the tires manually.


Cynergy designed a high speed lift assist system to easily retrofit and replace the balancer systems.  The pneumatic lifter provides the same high-speed control; however, the safety problems inherent with balancers have been eliminated.  In addition, the tire handling tooling has been redesigned to be much lighter, faster, user friendly and capable of handling a much broader range of product.