Manual Roll Handling Carts with Powered Lift and Pitch for Label Handling


Brewery bottlers require roll lifters to raise and rotate rolls of beer bottle labels and insert them onto an unwind spindle. The rolls arrive in the workstation area in a core-vertical (eye to the sky) presentation, must be lifted and inserted onto the spindle in a core-horizontal orientation. The rolls are wrapped “loose” and operators need to handle the product carefully so as to avoid telescoping.


Our battery operated mobile roll lifters are provided which probes the core of the roll while in the core-vertical position, raises and rotates the load and is controlled via an operator hand controller. Telescoping of the roll is prevented by a pair of single lever compression clamps around the roll lifts probe; the clamp surface is designed so as to prevent any label damage. Roll handling carts are provided on casters and can be taken to all of the unwind machine locations.