Welded Fabrications-Stress Relief Oven Manipulator Arm


Illinois based heavy earth moving machinery manufacturer utilizes welded fabrications of various shapes, sizes and weights in their equipment. After the welding process, these parts require stress relief. The stress relief oven has shelves located on a carousel; the parts (which can weigh in excess of 250 lbs.) require loading on the shelves, reaching into the oven by 3 ft. They needed a way to perform this process quickly and safely.


Cynergy designed a free standing work cell crane system utilizing a rigid mast manipulator with gripper end tooling designed to pitch 90°. The gripper is offset from the mast so as to allow the operator to reach into the oven while standing in front of the door, outside the oven. This system is all-electric, eliminating the various problems associated with pneumatic manipulator systems.