Telescopic Mast Core Probe Roll Manipulator


Companies that handle large heavy rolls need a quick, safe way to lift, rotate and place the rolls into machines or onto pallets. Often, the rolls are stacked tightly so access with on OD gripper is not available and often, the tooling needs to “reach-in” and under obstructions to access the rolls.


Cynergy Ergonomics provides roll handling systems designed to pick the roll via the core in either the horizontal or vertical orientation and rotate 90 degrees. With the telescopic mast, the operator can travel over other palletized rolls or other obstructions. The cantilevered tooling arm design allows the roll to be pulled from inside or from under machinery obstructions. And the all-electric system keeps the power requirement economical, simple and gives the operators precise positioning control as well as safety holding features in the event of power loss.