Work Station Jib Cranes

Aluminum Tie Rod

The AL100 Wall Bracket Work Station Jib Crane utilizes Gorbel’s patented light-weight, high strength extruded aluminum enclosed track.  This revolutionary track reduces the rotational dead weight of the boom by 56% to 68%, making the jib up to 40% easier to rotate than comparable I-beam jibs.  The tie rod design minimizes deflection and is more precise when positioning loads than other jibs.

  • Wall mounted or column mounted
  • Available in capacities from 150-2000 lbs. and spans up to 20 feet. (not available for 2000 lbs.)
  • Utilizes Gorbel’s patented light weight, high-strength extruded enclosed track on the boom.
  • Weighs up to 355 lbs.
  • Rotates up to 40% easier than a traditional I-Beam Jib
  • Less deflection for easier load control and positioning