Ergonomic Industrial Manipulator Arms

Articulating Arms / Manipulators, Articulating Jib Arms, Lift Assist Devices

Cynergy Ergonomics has a complete range of industrial ergonomic articulating arms and manipulators, lift assist devices, articulating jib arms and other special ergonomic lifters to meet a wide variety of requirements.
Ergonomic industrial articulating arms / manipulators and special lift assist devices are ideal solutions for challenging applications where operators are reaching into a work space or lifting something that is obstructed by overhead heights.

Lighter payload ergonomic articulating arms / torque arms / manipulators typically use compressed air for lifting and can incorporate simple mechanical tools, like a special hook or fork, or powered grippers, vacuum tooling and powered functions like pitching, rotating or other movements.

Heavy payload ergonomic articulating arms/ manipulators like the Taurus ergonomic articulating arm / manipulator shown below, use hydraulics for lifting and movement functions.

Industrial ergonomic articulating arms / manipulators can be mounted from a column on the floor, on an overhead trolley, counterweighted base plate or from your building structure or other supports.