Explosion Proof Work Area Handling

The 19000 EEx d Series Explosion Proof lifter offers customers the flexibility to meet the demands of explosion proof material handling while using ergonomic lifters. The lifter is self-contained and has EX enclosures for the control panel and motors according to EN Zone 1 Requirements and comes with all certificates.

The batteries are EX rated and are mounted with “quick disconnect” feature for charging in a neutral zone.

The 19000 EEx d series lifters are comprised of modules that allows for inter-changeability of components in order to meet your ergonomic lifter requirements while maintaining the ability to adapt the lifter to meet the challenge of meeting tomorrow’s lifter needs today.

The lifter can be provided with a variety of end-effectors for load handling. The lifter shown is equipped with a SQUEEZE-O-TURN EEx d rated for 55 gallon drum handling. Markets served are chemical, cosmetics, distillation, paint, petroleum, pharmaceutical and plastics.

Each lifter is comprised of modules for easy assembly. The legs are separate and mount to the intermediate section with 8 bolts each side. Casters are mounted to the front and a single swivel caster at the rear. A foot operated rear central braking system is used on the lifter. The three (3) position braking system is used to enhance safety and lifter workability. (Rear legs locked in trailing positions for easy transport-independent swivel and locked for stationary positioning.)

The intermediate section is provided with a lift motor for powering the mast slide for easy and safe movement of the end-effector. The mast is totally enclosed and is provided with a ball screw for smooth up and down DC powered movement. A slip clutch on the down movement provides for safe load handling.