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Why choose PalPharma

From design to commissioning PalPharma supports our customers every step of the way. Our ever growing list of installations worldwide and impressive customer base is a testament to our ability to interpret our customers lifting and handling problems. Through our innovative design ability, we respond with safe and ergonomic solutions. Through working closely with engineering teams in many of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturing companies PalPharma has developed, at first hand, a deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers. We understand how paramount the safety of your operators is and have built this into the decisions taken when reaching final design and solutions.

Our purpose is to take care of your concerns for lifting and handling within your challenging manufacturing environments and provide your operators with easy-to-use, safe equipment built to high standards and simple to maintain. As members of the international ISPE organisation, we regularly attend conferences and meetings and are up to date with current developments in the industry.

PalPharmaHoistTM - Post or Column Hoists

  • The PalPharmaHoist range requires no additional ceiling support at high load capacities or stroke*
  • Discharge, dock, feed, tip and blend drums, IBC’s or other vessels within your regulated production environment
  • Lift heights of 6m/ 20ft can be reached with a lateral reach of 2m/7ft achieved dependent on weight of your product
  • Standard drive system utilises precision ball screw, the safest, cleanest method for the up and down drive system on this type of lifting device
  • Optional low cost hydraulic drive system
  • Pneumatic or electric utility options. ATEX or EXP version to suit all environmental conditions
  • Flexible control options, two handed simultaneous button ‘push to run’ locally or remotely mounted to suit the application
  • Powered or easy manual slew options
  • Hygienic external finish of 304 or 316L cover options
  • The PalPharmaHoist has a capacity of up to 2500kg/5500 lb

PalPharmaTipTM — Drum Dumping and Positioning Systems

  • Simple and effortless ergonomic drum discharge solution which can be applied to a wide range of applications throughout your process
  • Handles drums of powder or liquids
  • Static and mobile options are available
  • A wide range of support cradles available to suit different drum and product types
  • Through-wall designs are part of the range to isolate mechanical parts from the process area
  • Full containment options offering your operator protection from the inhalation of potentially hazardous dust or the product from contamination with the operator or local environment
  • Handles drums weighing up to 350kg/770 lb
  • Designed to be suitable for use with any ancillary valve or containment device for example a containment booth or isolator (rigid or flexible wall type)
  • Also bespoke design / engineering / build option available where a customer or booth manufacturer has specific criteria to meet, such as integrating product weighing, batching and dispensing

PalPharmaMoveTM - Mobile Lifting Systems

  • Manual, pneumatic or electric powered cGMP designed mobile lifting systems based on the principles of the PALPharma- Hoist and PALPharmaTip ranges
  • Ideal for the safe transportation of drums, sacks, containers and boxes between different production area
  • Multi feature units also allow the operator to dock and dispense product from container as part of the transportation process
  • Mobility features mean that units can be stored away from area when not in use freeing up space within the production area
  • Ideal handling solution for routine maintenance operations as the unit can be stored safely when not in use
  • Products weighing up to 2500kg /5500 lb
  • Telescopic posts available allowing units to travel through doorways but also work at heights of 3.5m/11.5ft

PalPharmaVacTM - Hygienic Vacuum Tube Lifter

  • Ideal solution for safely handling your boxes, sacks and drums up to a weight of 100kg/220lb
  • Manufactured in high specification cGMP grade 304/316 stainless steel
  • Unique filtration system blocking downstream contamination from internal components
  • Safe-change filter station allowing your operator to safely remove, clean and dispose or re-use the filter
  • Easy to clean – all components designed to be hand demountable
  • Wide range of standard end effectors to handle your different loads incorporating easy-to-use industry standard tri-clover clamps
  • Engineering and design options to customise end-effectors to suit specific customer packages such as drum positioning and pouring

PalPharmAssistTM - Stainless Steel Manipulators and Pneumatic Hoists

  • cGMP designed Pneumatic lifting systems
  • Designed to give the operator full and safe control when docking drums, kegs or plastic containers onto process machinery
  • PalPharmAssist range also handles drums, bottles and reels
  • Ideal for transfer applications from pallets, trolleys and conveyor to an in-feed point, man-way, hopper, chute or valve arrangement
  • Optional floor or ceiling mounted systems
  • Suitable for classified or zoned areas – as lifting systems require only clean dry oil free compressed air for power
  • Loads up to 350kg/770lb can be handled
  • Operator controls are designed to suit the operator and application

PalPharmaBinTM — IBCs/Drums

  • IBC range available – 50L - 2500L
  • Used in the production of solid dosage pharmaceuticals, food and chemical ingredients in the process industries
  • Optional bespoke bases to ensure a neat fit with existing machinery such as blenders
  • Optional accessories such as filling vent, sight glasses, wheels and can be used with any manufacturers valve system including split butterfly or cone valve
  • cGMP grade 304/316 stainless steel construction options
  • Standard finish is 0.2 microns Ra internally and 0.4 microns Ra externally

PalPharMassageTM — Product Conditioning Systems

  • Ideal solution to break up material which has settled or hardened in drums whilst in storage or transit
  • References include Salt and Urea conditioning prior to discharge from the drum or container
  • Optional multi adjustable ram system to cover any range of drum sizes

About PalPharma

Palamatic Handling Systems Ltd have supplied lifting equipment from their headquarters in Chesterfield, England into the Pharmaceutical industry since 1985. As interest grew for safe lifting and handling solutions within the Pharmaceutical industry, Palamatic focussed resources on designing a purpose-built range of lifting and handling equipment to meet the rigorous standards of the hygienic process industries.

By 2004 sales of the hygienic range of lifting and handling equipment warranted dedicated resources and at this point the PalPharma division was established with a team of technical sales and engineering resources, skilled fitters and dedicated office and assembly areas. PalPharma is now an established and leading force in handling solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical, Fine Chemicals, Cosmetics and Nuclear industries.

What we can offer you

Our economic solutions include lifting, tipping, pouring, powder infeed, product transfer and blending. Our pneumatic and electrical equipment provides standard solutions for many environments such as cleanroom classifications and are ideal for flameproof areas. Our versatile range includes mobile and lowheadroom models as well as floor and ceiling mounted versions ensuring that the challenge of providing equipment to work in confined areas is not a problem to PalPharma.

Our expert sales team is there to offer you new ideas and to help you understand all the considerations which are relevant and important in determining the lifting and handling equipment that is right for your application.