Mobile Roll Lifts

When compared to lifting devices like manual lift carts or scissor lift tables, Cynergy Ergonomics' line of mobile roll lifts offers significant advantages including ease of operation, unsurpassed load handling, and enhanced safety and ergonomics.

Plus, our product specialists will work with you to customize your lift to your particular needs. From choosing the best type of end effector to outfitting the lift with adjustable handlebars, we can utilize the modular nature of these lifts to make your roll handling more efficient.

roll handling equipmentElectric Expand-O-Turn

The Expand-O-Turn roll lift and manipulator is a core expander designed to lift roll loads over 300 pounds. The expander lifts standard paper, film, and aluminum rolls, however customized options are available.

  • Capacities: over 300 pounds
  • Roll Diameters: over 24"
  • Cores: 3" and 6" (Custom Sizes Available)
  • Specifications: Electric Powered Core Expander, Pick Roll Core Vertical & Rotate to Horizontal

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mobile roll lifter


Recommended for higher-capacity lifting or for applications where the core of the roll must remain open. The Squeeze-O-Turn roll lift and manipulator uses a gentle controlled force to pick up large rolls, preventing damage to the product.

  • Capacities: Over 500 pounds
  • Roll Diameters: Over 36"
  • Specifications: Electric Powered OD Gripper Arms, Continuous 360° Powered Rotation

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Optional Mobile Roll Lifter Accessories

Anti-Telescopic Attachment

The Anti-Telescopic Attachment is designed to work on the Expand-O-Turn. The attachment is used to stabilize the outer wraps on roll that tend to telescope. The Anti-Telescopic Attachment is manually operated and offers the user the ability to stabilize rolls prior to them being rotated for placement onto spindles.

Wash Down Series

Stainless steel frame/enclosures and hard anodized mast make this lifter IP 66 compliant.  This ergonomic roll lifter can be cleaned with a hose or power washing using various cleaning solutions.

Explosion Proof

This option provides for Explosion Proof enclosures for the control panel, Power Pack (batteries) w/ Charger along with motor(s) for ATEX Compliance in European Zone 1 and US NEC 505 Zone 1 Hazardous Locations.  Contact Cynergy for other certifications.

Low-Built Legs

Low built legs are available for the applications where mobile lifters need to access rolls from machines with under 4” clearance height.

Spacer Pallet

Spacer pallets are used to provide clearance for lifter legs.  Place shipper pallets on the aluminum spacer pallet.  These are also available with rotator rings allowing operators to position loads in specific locations.

Roll Grip Pad Turntable

After pick-up, rotate rolls 90° via a manual turntable. This provides access for spindles, shafts, etc. Also use this feature to realign flap orientation. Locking detents can fix the rotation angle at customer defined points.

Additional Roll Handling End Effectors

roll handling end effector