Sheet Metal Handling Vacuum Lifters


An East Coast custom metal processing facility handles sheets of nickel, copper and magnesium throughout the shearing, cleaning and coating processes. After applying a protective coating, these sheets are conveyed through an oven; upon exiting the oven, the sheets are at 500˚ F and are handled by hand for palletizing. Two operators were required for this process wearing gloves and protective clothing.


A vacuum based sheet lifter was installed suspended from a high speed servo drive lifting device. The sheet metal handling system controls were installed on an extended handle; the sheet lifter was fitted with pneumatic/vacuum components designed for the high temperature; the tooling is adjustable to handle a wide range of sheet sizes. The operation is now being performed by a single operator working away from the radiant heat; additionally, the risk of burns and lifting injuries has been removed from the job function. The below video will show the operator using the sheet metal handling system in its first day of service.