Roll Around Shaft Positioner for Printing and Converting Roll Materials


The printing, converting and roll-handling industries utilize 70 lb. – 100 lb. shafts to suspend rolls of labels during the unwind and rewind phases of the label printing process. The shafts are typically 4’ – 5’ long and operators are required to insert and remove them from the printing machines as well as insert and remove them from the fiber roll cores. A mobile roll around device designed to assist the operator in these functions was required.


A mobile shaft handling cart was provided, designed to raise and lower the shaft to the necessary installation and removal heights and allow the operator to transport the shaft as required. The V-groove shaft receiver utilizes Delrin® rollers to allow the shaft to be slid in and out of the cores. A turntable is provided so as to allow the cart to orient either parallel or perpendicular to the printing machine or rolls as needed.