Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic Work BenchErgonomic Work Benches & Adjustable Work Tables                     

Are your employees working in a work-cell environment? Do you have multiple shifts? Do one or more employees use the same work bench or work table? Unlike many competitive products which utilize pin-in-hole or nut and bolt devices to achieve adjustability, our most popular ergonomic work benches are operator adjustable, allowing for quick and easy adjustability by a single operator at any time.

Our ergonomic work benches and adjustable work tables can:

  • Improve productivity:  It has been demonstrated that providing employees with adjustable, ergonomically designed workstations can improve individual productivity by 20% or more. Lowering stress and fatigue improves product quality. Putting tools and components within easy reach facilitates workflow and reduces downtime.
  • Adjustable Work TableReduce lost work days:  Each year 1.8 million workers in the United States report work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). In 1999, over one-third of all cases involving injury or illness that resulted in lost workdays were attributable to MSD-type injuries—costing American companies billions of dollars. The indirect costs in lost-work time alone have been estimated at $100 billion per year. The solution to these problems lies in designing ergonomically sound workplace environments with ergonomic work benches.
  • Meet government ergonomic requirements:  More than three-fourths of all states either have adopted, or are proposing, comprehensive standards governing hazards in the workplace. Although OSHA’s adoption of a National Ergonomics Standard has been delayed indefinitely, important federal requirements (including those of the Americans with Disabilities Act) remain. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations can be costly and disruptive.

Ergonomic benches and adjustable work tables play a vital role in worker productivity and are important in today’s competitive business climate. All Metal Designs ergonomic work benches and adjustable work tables have the following advantages:

Easy Operator Adjustability

Your choice of:

  •     Hand Crank
  •     Electric
  •     Pin-in-Hole

Hand crank is the most popular option.  Electric is the most productive.

Modular Design

All AMD tables and benches can be converted to complete workstations at any time, simply by adding upright/overhead frames and accessories. This modular and upgradeable approach provides the flexibility needed to meet changing job requirements efficiently and economically while retaining work station ergonomics necessary for operator compatibility.

Features & Design Experience to Meet Every Workplace Need

Specialized features such as tilt tops and oversized work surfaces can be combined with standard components such as air manifolds or swing arms, in designs that will optimize worker comfort and productivity—regardless of the task at hand.

Heavy Duty Construction

The all-steel, fully-welded construction of AMD ergonomic workstations requires little or no maintenance in even the toughest environments. Our ergonomic workstations have a powder-coat finish that is scratch-resistant and never flakes.

Complete Pre-Shipment Assembly:  AMD ergonomic workstations are shipped fully assembled and skidded, ready for use within minutes of delivery.