Ergonomic Vacuum Tube Lifters

Ergonomic handling with vacuum tube lifters is safe and easy and Cynergy Ergonomics has the skill and experience to design a system for your specific application and environment.  Our vacuum tube lifting systems make lifting, lowering, swiveling, loading and transporting loads safe and easy.

Vacuum tube lifters are typically utilized for items that do not have a smooth surface since tubes can be designed with enough suction power to minimize the effects of any loss in suction.  As a result, these lifting devices are typically used as sack and bag lifters, but they can also be used to stack boxes on pallets, load barrels on a truck, stack metal or wooden sheets, or move heavy stone slabs.  Regardless, material handling operations can be carried out faster, more ergonomically and more safely with vacuum tube lifters.

For anyone who has to lift heavy objects, vacuum tube lifting equipment is an investment in good health, since it relieves the stress on the spine and joints.

Examples of Use:

Vacuum Tube Bag LifterVacuum powered box lifterStone liftervacuum powered pail liftervacuum barrel lifterbarrel manipulatorvacuum panel lifter

Principle of operation

The load is gripped and lifted with vacuum. There is no need for a chain hoist or manipulator to grip and lift the load. The operator controls the vacuum with a valve on the operator handle. Increasing the vacuum draws air out of the tube and the load is lifted. Reducing the vacuum allows air to enter the tube and the load is lowered. Lifting speeds of up to 50 feet per minute can be achieved!


We also pay great attention to safety. The quick-acting non-return valve, ergonomic design and the large-area suction pad prevent the load from being dropped inadvertently - even if the power fails.