ERGOMAT Ergonomic Floor Matting

The Best is Ergomat - The ERGOMAT Advantage

ERGOMAT ergonomic anti-fatigue mats were developed specifically to solve the problems of short-term fatigue and long-term injury associated with standing work positions.  The ERGOMAT product line represents the most advanced technology for this purpose available in the marketplace today.


Basic Nitril

The Basic Nitril is a recycled rubber mat with the Nitril mat cone profile. Along with its environmental responsibility, the Basic Nitril is a perfect ergonomic starter mat for non-critical environments. Offered only in black. Warranty: 1 year.

Basic Polyurethane

Basic mats molded in the same bubble and smooth profiles as our traditional polyurethane mats, delivering almost identical ergonomic stimulation and comfort. Warranty- 2-year. Color- Grey/Blue (one color).


This premium grade polyurethane bubble mat is the ultimate ergonomic matting choice for any dry, non-abrasive environments. The Ergomat Classic is cleanroom certified, and anti-static, thus an ideal mat for static control areas, electronics manufacturing, assembly lines, warehousing and distribution. Warranty: 8 years.  

Complete Bubble

The Ergomat Complete mat was engineered for moderately damp and / or oily environments, and areas where static control and fire retardancy is a concern. It is ideal for the automotive, electronics, and printing industries. Warranty: 3 years. 

Complete Smooth

This polyurethane flat mat has identical properties to the Complete Bubble, and is specifically designed for combined standing and rolling environments like mailrooms and distribution centers. It is also a great mat for large areas, walkways, etc. Warranty: 5 years.  


This Nitril drainage mat is the ideal choice for areas with extreme moisture or heavy liquid flow. It offers an exceptional anti-slip surface, and its 2” molded bevels provide the ultimate in safety. Typical users are pulp and paper manufacturing, dairy farms, food and beverage, and car washes. Offered in black. Warranty: 5 years. 


This Hygiene cone profile mat is designed for areas where cleanability and daily sanitation are crucial (chlorine, etc). It resists repetitive chemical washes and retains its ergonomic properties throughout the warranty period. It is typically used in hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities and commercial kitchens. Offered in Green, Gray and soon Blue and Red. Warranty: 3 years. 


This pure Nitril rubber cone mat is designed for areas exposed to oil and petrol based products (coolant, etc.) as well as chemicals. Also commonly used in metal fabricating, sealant and paint departments. As the mat retains its ergonomic elasticity down to –40ºC, it is also a great solution for cold storage and food production. The Ergomat Nitril is available in black and gray. Warranty: 3 years.  

Nitril ESD

This version of the Nitril is a static dissipative mat for areas requiring static discharge. Typical industries using this mat are electronics, microprocessor manufacturing, explosives, and chemical storage. Offered in black. Warranty: 3 years.  

Nitril Smooth

This is the smooth version of the Ergomat Nitril mat. It is ideal for harsh areas with chemicals, where trolleys or chairs are commonly used. It is also a great solution for areas where easy cleanability is a must. Typical users of the Nitril Smooth are in the pharmaceutical industry, metal fabrication, and generally dusty and dirty environments. Warranty: 3 years.  


This pure Nitril rubber mat is the ideal mat for areas exposed to significant moisture and slip hazards as well as metal fabricating. It is our most heat and abrasion resistant mat. Typical users of this mat are metal and welding operations, heavy manufacturing, and commercial kitchens. Offered in black, grey, blue. Warranty: 3 years.


By providing an elastic surface to stand on, an ERGOMAT stimulates muscle activity in feet and legs.  As described above, this is important for the proper function of the venous pump and hence for the prevention of fatigue and injury.

This thermal photograph compares circulation in the lower body of a standing worker. The image on the right shows the worker standing on an ERGOMAT.  Red and yellow tones indicate higher skin temperatures resulting from stimulated muscle activity and hence circulation in the legs and feet, promoted by the ERGOMAT's unique elastic properties and proprietary polymer formulation. The image on the left shows circulation patterns without the ERGOMAT.  Blues and greens in this image are evidence of poor circulation, a reliable predictor of fatigue and muscle disorders.

See the ERGOMAT product line here. 

The cost of worker injury

ERGOMAT anti-fatigue mats can be expected to significantly reduce the incidence of cumulative trauma injuries to the feet, legs and lower back.  The Bureau of Worker's Compensation collects official data on injuries.  While each company is unique, this data provides an indication of the trends involved.  Using the state of Ohio as an example, the number of claims for inflammation and irritation of joints, tendons and muscles more than doubled from 1985 to 1990 - from 3513 to 7584 claims.  As the average age of the workforce continues to climb, this trend will continue.

The number of lower back injuries resulting in lost time rose 30% from 1985 to 1990.  In 1990, 19,181 such claims were filed in Ohio.  The lower back is significantly relaxed by the use of ERGOMAT product.

ERGOMAT works to prevent cumulative trauma injuries.  In 1990, the estimated average direct cost of such an injury was $12,801; the average cost of a lower back injury was $24,724.

To an individual company, the cost of worker injury is reflected in its worker's compensation costs and in hidden costs for medical treatment, time lost to paperwork for supervisors and unearned benefits for workers on medical leave. Increased absenteeism and turnover are additional costly consequences of worker injury. Any savings here go directly to the bottom line.

The gains from productivity increases

Most people will agree that removing pain from the workplace makes good business sense since employees will perform more productively and with greater accuracy.

An investment in employee comfort offers a definite return because a comfortable worker no longer feels the need to take breaks or move around to relieve pain.  Many ERGOMAT users report productivity gains in excess of five percent after installing our anti-fatigue matting.