Automated Material Handling Equipment

Cynergy Ergonomics designs and integrates a wide variety of automated material handling equipment to improve productivity and reduce injuries related to repetitive handling tasks or the lifting and manipulation of heavy items.

Our solutions help companies save time and money while improving both product quality and product yield.

Automated Material Handling System

Cynergy's automated material handling solutions are designed to accomplish tasks specific to your needs. This may include the loading and unloading of heavy stress items like aluminum wheels or the automatic palletizing of your products to get them ready for shipment.

Watch a video of some typical automated material handling tasks:

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Automated Cranes

Automated crane systems can repeat movements up to +/- 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch, depending on the application.

Typical Applications for Automated Crane Systems:

  • Assembly line product handling
  • Dip tank operations
  • Handling fragile, sensitive material
  • Sheet steel handling
  • Palletizing operations
  • Plywood and particle board handling

Automated cranes are a cost effective way to move and handle materials in a larger work area where precision positioning is not needed.  Lifting devices can range from hoists to lift cylinders to special lifting devices with integrated end effectors or lifting tools.